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2013, was a best year in a life of mine in amidst of a best longest, lengthiest, and steadiest relationship in a life of mine as it began at a St. Lucy Catholic Church as I opened a door for a Saint as she thought I was an usher and yet leader of each and every pope 1 through 265 after been in Pope Peter Basilica at a Vatican, Vaticano a prestigious monastery behind a Vatican was available to her as after I visited a Saint Theresa statuesque stationed inside this sanctuary I accompanied her and joined her at our pew and consistently attended church with her every sunday preventing her from being a nun in an intimate romantic relationship as she began being a saint to a pope of hers!

After an offering, a pew we kneeled on in a German Catholic way, I then escorted her to vehicle, exchanged a kiss and phone number, as our love for one another was instantaneous, as we met again on another Sunday, and then went to her resort at beach and spa and from there embarked on a best longest, lengthiest, and steadiest relationship of our lives with eachother and one another carrying out a prophetization, and during an interregnum of a catholic faith and church when Benedict, retired, and transition to Francis, and as a prophet lead a church in the meantime with a Saint of mine as a Pope for this life and another as a Pius II, Victor IV, and Innocent XXVI! :)

Weekend after weekend we were together in an intimate and fulfilling way for each other and one another carrying out a prophetization as her name was Emi and mine was Christopher looking out for one another while staying in touch during a week as she could already tell and realize I was a traveller as she was of German/Italian descent as I am and was Serbian, German, Swedish, and a little Danish and an American that thinks and sometimes acts Aussie.

For as many times I told her I loved her, I showed it to her by making love to her. We engaged in 416 sexual encounters with eachother and one another maintaining a best longest, lengthiest, and steadiest relationship of our lives as she was a good cook, as I was a good eater, as we stayed clean and especially were good sleepers! :)

Pool and beach were enjoyed too as we shifted mass schedule from Sunday to Saturday freeing up our day of a week throughout a best year in a life of mine of 2013 until we met again and even for a week or so stayed together then too fulfilling our satisfaction and needs for one another as a male and woman! :)

She is always in prayers of mine as I am in hers too!
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