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Quick update regarding TV show, producer has sent program proposal and demo to business partner for further review. Two options the producer mentioned is filming a 30 minute pilot and then pitching it to the cable networks as Vera Farmiga is a favourite actress of mine, I mentioned Spike TV which rang a bell with him, or we can begin to start airing locally and go from there. He brought up the prospects of funding how itd basically be dead in water if business partner doesnt go along with it. I am to follow up in April to schedule a meeting with both of them.

On March 20th, for historical reference and purpose, Bill Clinton and Christopher Stried will be meeting/crossing paths for ATLEAST the third time. Kind of like Herbert Hoover in college meeting then-Fmr President Benjamin Harrison but our Presidencies will turn out a wee bit better ;) ((3/22/12 Quick update on how it went, it was extremely boring as it ought to have been for him, but of course i couldnt have been more honoured being in his presence, exchanged intel as two Presidents would be expected to like Siamese twins)(the only men i admire are Presidents and when his microphone dropped to the floor while he was sitting downing an entire water bottle I wanted to jump on stage and pick it up for him((that is a mind that does not stop, and i know it))((Officially been with him in 2004, 2008, and now 2012, so until 2016 :))

On March 28th, Pope Benedict will be meeting with Fidel Castro in Cuba. All who will be missing is President Carter which wouldve made it the three most historical figures in the world at the same place and time(Get me in a room with these three and I shall be talking some shop). Fidel has lead an unreal life leading a revolution to take over Cuba, meeting with then-Vice President Nixon, withstanding the Bay of Pigs and having President Kennedy popped, meeting Fmr. President Carter, and of course lived life as a dictator bedding over 35,000 women throughout his tenure having one for lunch and one for dinner for over four decades with an occasional order for breakfast. Pope Benedict is visiting to highlight this as an example for the world to practice heterosexuality as it has maintained Fidel's health all the way up to 85 years of age leading a life unheard of for someone during our time which is documented in Sacha Baren Cohen's new flick "The Dictator" which appears to be a riot :)

As far as myself, I am not quite up to the bedding levels of Fidel, but something very fascinating as whomever i have been with, i have dreamt of doing before in same scenario :)

-CS 3/17/12

At Last! A Meeting for the Ages! One Million Dollar Photographs

Bid Adieu Pope Benny! I enjoyed your visit from beginning to end! Bid Adieu!

-Christópher 3/28/12
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