full stried ahead
christopher ryan stried
To get in contact with me you can simply email me at stried05@yahoo.com or you can follow my Twitter feed here without actually following me on Twitter. There are times when I don't have anything to write about here on thee site but I still have short snippet thoughts and comments I share on Twitter. I am not on Fbook anymore because I hate it as thee fad ought to die out. I commend Yahoo for suing thee bejesus out of them and wish them success. If not, Fbook is their own worst enemy anyway. Their motto is to make thee world more open and connected and yet there couldnt be anymore roadblocks or privacy provisions preventing that from happening. So instead users stay within their own cliques thus making it one worldwide high school. Twitter on the other hand does provide a greater chance of networking and connecting because theyve created a platform that draws successful entrepreneurs and individuals that are verified. 

"I could sleep forever."


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